Grand Victory Kennels is a premier beagle trialing, conditioning and breeding establishment located in The Greater Cincinnati area as well as Lexington KY.

Starting, Conditioning and Training Your Hound

Unstarted Puppies
Puppies begin their time with us in an enclosed two acre starting pen. Each pup spends multiple hours daily chasing and tracking wild rabbits in the enclosure. When the trainer is confident that the pup can successfully track it’s quarry in the wild, only then will it be released with more experienced hounds to test and further develop it’s abilities. It is important to note that there is no predetermined time the pup will spend in our starting pens as each puppy develops at its own rate.  
Started and Finished Hounds
Started and finished hounds are prepared and conditioned for trials and your hunting season by daily trips to the thickets and briars. Your dog will be “soloed” in the wild or paired with other hounds that complement its running style. The strategy and goal is to bring out your hound's full potential. Just as we are committed to developing your puppy, we are also devoted to returning your dog to you with a legitimate chance of winning in the trialing format as well as a consistent pattern of returning the rabbit back to the gun in the field.