Grand Victory Kennels is a premier beagle trialing, conditioning and breeding establishment located in The Greater Cincinnati area as well as Lexington KY.
Shultz Creek's Hillbilly Guage
FC GD Crystal's Checkered Lilly
Guage was one of the most Complete hounds we have had the pleasure of owning. He was the winner of the 2014 AKC Midwest SPO Runoff and stood at five wins and 105.5 points. From trialing, to hunting to reproducing, he was the complete package. He dominated a pack of dogs with ease! Unfortunitly, we lost Gauge due to kidney failure, but his legacy lives as he was the Derby Sire Of The Year in 2016.
Check Dog Supreme! Lilly Can Turn a pack on a dime and leave them all behind! If there are any mistakes made by the pack she will make them pay and take the front over and Over! Line control and brain, She keeps them Honest!  Lilly has been retired and has been sold to a hunter where she can live out her days doing what she does best!